Being a step-parent can be immensely rewarding, but it can also be very challenging. Are you a stepmom or stepdad? Here are some resources for stepfamilies and blended families that we hope you find useful.


Book resources

My Fairy Stepmother book cover - a great stepmom gift My Fairy Stepmother, The first fairytale where the stepmom is the hero!


Website resources
A great selection of gift ideas, just for stepmothers.

The Stepfamily Foundation
A not for profit founded in 1975. Our mission is to assist you in making your family, as it is now, function well.

National Stepfamily Resource Center
Our primary objective is serving as a clearinghouse of information, linking family science research on stepfamilies and best practices in work with couples and children in stepfamilies.

Bonus Families
The only international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting peaceful coexistence between divorced or separated parents and their combined families.

Blended Families
Emily Bouchard founded in 2003 and is committed to providing tools and strategies to dramatically improve relationships and bring a greater sense of peace and well-being to blended families.

Claudette Chênevert, The Stepmom Coach
Claudette is a stepfamily/relationship coach, author, and speaker, and her website has lots of great resources for stepfamilies.

The Evil Stepmother Speaks
Practical advice for stepfamilies who want to love and laugh.

Second Wives Club
Online Community and Support for Stepmoms and Second Wives Since 1997

The Stepmom Toolbox
An online radio show that provides tips, tools, and resources for stepmoms everywhere! Barb Goldberg, The Evil Stepmom Speaks. Wednesday Afternoons: Claudette Chenevert, The Stepmom Coach

The Blended and Step Family Resource Center
Founded in 2006 by internationally known author and conference speaker, Shirley Cress Dudley, to help blended and step families become strong and successful.

No One’s the Bitch
Jennifer Newcomb Marine and Jenna Korf are dedicated to helping divorced moms and stepmoms thrive in the face of conflict.

Steps for Stepmothers
A website for stepmothers to exchange ideas and help each other cope with the daily frusrations and difficulties we experience.


Is there a step-parent resource that you’ve found helpful? Please share it with the community in the comments box below.

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  1. Bill
    January 14, 2013

    This one, though not just for step-parents, has some great parenting info for separated/divorced parents:

  2. Gerardo Campbell
    November 9, 2013

    I started this website to help reverse the nearly 70% divorce rate for blended families.


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