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This is no Cinderella story – Finally a Positive Fairytale for Stepfamilies!

My Fairy Stepmother turns the Cinderella myth on it’s head, with a caring stepmother who helps her stepdaughter find courage she never knew she had. Amelia’s stepmother Maribel has a special secret. When Amelia has trouble sleeping, will her stepmother’s secret be able to help?

Children of blended families will be drawn in by the colorful hand-crafted illustrations, and the tale of magic and empowerment that follows. They’ll identify with Amelia’s character as she travels between two households, and faces challenges that only stepchildren face. And parents will love the positive portrayal of a stepmother who helps her stepdaughter with these challenges.

Over 65% of Americans are now a stepparent, a stepchild, or touched directly by a stepfamily scenario, yet the myth of the evil stepmother prevails. Books have been written in recent years that attempt to educate children about stepfamilies, but too often the didactic nature of these books implicitly draws a line between “normal” families and stepfamilies. It’s time that stepparents entered children’s literature not as teachers of what stepfamilies are like, but as just another character, or perhaps even a hero.

About the authors

Marni & Jason Prince are both graphic designers living in Cambridge, MA. Marni is stepmother to Jason’s 11 year-old daughter, forming a tight bond with her when she was just 6. After searching unsuccessfully for quality children’s books that revered the blended family, they decided to turn their story-telling talents to creating a book of their own.


Cover art & sample pages


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